Panel serve to public

panel serve options

# The pn.serve accepts a number of arguments: [source](

class Serve(Subcommand):
    ''' Subcommand to launch the Bokeh server.


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Panel serve

Relationship between panel, holoviews, and bokeh

The HoloViews pane renders HoloViews plots with one of the plotting backends supported by HoloViews. It supports the regular HoloViews widgets for exploring the key dimensions of a HoloMap or DynamicMap, but is more flexible than the native HoloViews widgets since it also allows customizing widget types and their position relative to the plot. source

HoloViews supports backends: 'bokeh', 'matplotlib', or 'plotly'

Serve panel

Two ways of serving panel

.servable() and panel serve **.py/ipynb

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Tips of using Azure

Monitoring Config

Azure Application insight has sampling feature (default enable) that will randomly ignore some of logs when it exceeds a specified threshold (unknown the threshold).
The Azure function monitoring tracking could tell you the failure or success by inspecting the log. The sampling feature would cause the problem of not telling you the result of function execution. source
Adding following config at Azure function host.json to disable it:

  "logging": {


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Translante IDL script to python

IDL programming language

IDL, short for Interactive Data Language, is a programming language used for data analysis. It is popular in particular areas of science, such as astronomy, atmospheric physics and medical imaging. (

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Parse URL params using API Gateway and lambda

Lambda script

Lambda could collect POST boday and url params using event . For POST body, params could be extracted directly like event['param1'].
As of September 2017, you no longer have to configure mappings to access the request body.
All you need to do is check, "Use Lambda Proxy integration", under Integration Request, under the resource of AWS API Gateway.

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