Install owncloud with docker and local directory

I was struggled on installing owncloud barely on ubuntu 18, and spent hours on install and config its dependencies, but failed on database script execution.

During googling to solve my problem, I noticed a dockerized owncloud, and find it's pretty easy to setup.

Here is the installation/configuration log:

Install docker and docker-compose

Prepare a docker-compose.yml :

Referenced this Installing with Docker
and this yml file to make my own docker-compose.yml file.

Because I have a RDS instance on cloud, and a NAS storage mounted on this server, I was wondering to reuse them. So I removed the volumns and db dependencies from the yml file.
Becuase this owncloud file sharing will be used by very few users, and the VM will have extra charge for CPU usage, I removed redis.

version: '2.1'

    image: owncloud/server:10.0
    restart: always
      - 8080:8080
      - OWNCLOUD_DOMAIN=localhost
      - OWNCLOUD_DB_TYPE=mysql
      - OWNCLOUD_DB_NAME=db_name
      - OWNCLOUD_DB_USERNAME=db_username
      - OWNCLOUD_DB_PASSWORD=db_password
      # db can be any remote url with accessing privilidge
      - OWNCLOUD_DB_HOST=db_url
      # for owncloud >= 9.0, add this config to allow local directory as external storage
      test: ["CMD", "/usr/bin/healthcheck"]
      interval: 30s
      timeout: 10s
      retries: 5
      - /mnt/data/owncloud:/mnt/data
      - /other-directory1:/mnt/data/d1
      - /other-directory2:/mnt/data/d2

Use command sudo docker-compose up -d to start owncloud, and access it through server_ip:8080.
Please add port 8080 to your VM's network route rule.

Add local storage :

Reference this Local storage to add local directory.

usefull notes

  • scan files copied to owncloud directory: docker-compose exec owncloud occ files:scan --all