Dockerize conda

Wrap conda into docker

prepare env.yml file

name: test
  - conda-forge
  - flask

prepare Dockerfile

FROM continuumio/miniconda3

WORKDIR /conda

# Create conda env using env.yml:
COPY env.yml .
RUN conda env create -f env.yml

# Should activate the conda env test here, but execute conda activate test will throw an error:  conda init is required

# This code does not help too
# RUN source ~/minikube/etc/profile.d/
# RUN conda activate test

# That is because every new step of docker build, a new shell will be startup. 
# The new shell would not know where is conda

# This would also cause problem when executing the docker as another new shell will be created

COPY . .

# Here is the solution 
ENTRYPOINT ["conda", "run", "--no-capture-output", "-n", "test", "python", ""]